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An Association of enthusiasts and professionals
 We are committed to advancing the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drone) Industry in  

Texas and throughout the world

A Network for surfacing & developing opportunities
 We are addressing recreational, entertainment, and commercial drone applications

A Clearinghouse for information and education

We promote the correct, safe and legal operations of drones

A Catalyst for realizing the “drone experience”
 We advocate and promote opportunities to take flight     

Drones make for great toys. They can also be great tools.  

We're bringing the best of both worlds to the skies above Texas.

Drones are considered an unmanned aircraft.  As such they are subject to the "rules of the sky."  Federal and state rules apply. We're here to inform and educate -- to make the skies safe for all.​

Flying and racing drones can become the hobby of a lifetime. Drones can also provide opportunities for rewarding careers.  We're working to make more of those opportunities apparent.

The Future takes Flight
For Fun. And for Work.

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Safety Rules!

2.5 million drones were given as gifts in 2016.  Many more are on the way in 2017.  With each passing day, people are experiencing first-hand the thrill of flying and racing their own drone aircraft.

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2018 Winterfest Drone Fly-In!